performance artist & experience creator


Nova Han Productions

Bubble Gutter

Lucent Dossier




Skills & Experience


Stage Direction
Show Creation
Interactive characters
Fire performance
Costume Design
Set Design
Event Production


Hip-Hop and Popping
House, Ballet, Jazz, and Modern


Aerial Rope, Aerial Hammock, Juggling Cube, Cyr Wheel, German Wheel, Fire Clubs, Fire Shoes

Venues & Festivals


I am an entertainer who strives to engage and inspire audiences as well as individuals in any setting. I jump at the chance to inspire people because I love to be inspired — this is how I came to be a performer. In college I received a BFA in dance performance with a minor in philosophy, and since then I have worked with, as well as created, performance troops that have performed all over the world. I enjoy collaboration and often seek opportunities to work with artists in other disciplines as I am always excited to learn new things.

Now I am developing strong solo acts while maintaining performance opportunities in various projects. It is important to me to stay inspired so I can continue to find joy in the art of living and therefore the art of performing. This is why I am a regular supporter of the arts with an eye for the magnificent and the unordinary.

I am a Denver Colorado native with a deep fascination in the beauty of nature. I have a highly physical experience of life that keeps me doing activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and Yoga. Although I have a strong work ethic based in discipline, I thrive on the ability to not take the world or myself too seriously. Youthful body, philosopher mind, clown heart.

Anthony Greenz
Performance Artist & Experience Creator